Our Story

We started our journey to contribute to the positive movement of ethical and sustainable fashion in 2019.

We believe good quality and comfortable sneakers provide the perfect balance between sustainable, durable, useable and practical. These elements are important when designing a shoe that has a positive impact on society whether it be through the materials used or contribution to communities.


Our Mission:

To provide simple, stylish sneakers for everyday wear with little negative impact. We work with manufacturers to ensure that all products are ethically made and with less environmental impact. We work to continually research and improve our designs to use more alternative eco-friendly materials. We aim to design shoes that are both high quality and eco-friendly while also high quality.


Our Vision:

To be a part of a growing and supportive world where sustainability, kindness and courage is rewarded. We believe in making little steps in the right direction can create a movement. Everyone makes mistakes and some steps take you to a different path, but it is all a part of the journey. At Blac Sneaker Co we strive for comfort, quality and style for every step in your journey. No matter where you are going - because everyone is on their own journey.


Our Brand

The founder named Blac Sneaker Company from a creative twist on her surname. She reduced the length of her name phonetically to create Blac, which is the second syllable in her name.